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Installing EDUP EP-AC1605 on Ubuntu Linux (14.04 LTS)

I recently bought a few EDUP EP-AC1605 USB 3.0 AC1200M Dual Band WiFi Adapters for a project and then had a few problems getting them installed on Linux.

I got them from here:

The CD that came with them was pretty much useless for recent Linux distros.

The readme says:
Supporting Kernel:
linux kernel 2.4 and 2.6 series.
Tested in Redhat 7.3 or later.

It turns out that the MediaTek chipset they use MT7612U <- the U=USB
has downloadable Linux driver src but it is the same as the CD version useless for anything with a more recent kernel than 2.6.

After a lot of searching I found a lot of people who gave up and returned the device.

After realising that Netgear used the same chipset in their A6210 I did some more searching and
I eventually found a solution here:…

Removing the WLAN / WiFi pcie card whitelist on Lenovo IdeaPad u410 Touch with BIOS update


I recently (early 2016) acquired a 2013 Lenovo IdeaPad u410 Touch.

It was not my first choice but still useful but I wanted to upgrade it to more recent tech and make it more usable as it is not the fastest CPU around, i.e. an i5-3337U dual core (quad thread) at 1.8GHz.

First thing I did was upgrade the BIOS to latest (as anyone would/should do really) version 65CN99WW (8/28/2014) available here:

I then added 2 x Kingston SO-DIMM KVR16LS11/8 1.35V (Low Voltage) 8G DDR3 1600 Notebook Ram SODIMM's despite the specs I could find all saying it would only take 8GB and it works fine with the 16GB as the Intel i5-3337U CPU (says 32GB) & Mobile Intel HM77 Express Chipset specifications suggest.…

Install or Reinstall TeamViewer 11/12/13 (14 is shitte -> now use ANYDESK!) Personal (Non-Commercial) License on Windows Server (2012/2012 R2/2016/2019 etc) [Updated July 2019]

After running out of the TeamViewer commercial trial period I sought to find a solution to the problem of having to buy an expensive licence for my home server (which is only used for non-commercial personal use). [Update July 2019]: I am now using AnyDesk and given up on TeamViewer as they are such a PITA like LogMeIn became also.  The good news about AnyDesk is the product is great and the licensing is finally affordable if you want/need to go legitimate (tested on Windows Server 2016/2019).  [Update Dec 2017]: I can confirm that these procedures still apply and work with Teamviewer version 12 and 13 also (as tested on Windows Server 2016).
Procedure A: If TeamViewer is NOT Already Installed (Note: If it is already installed, then first follow procedure B. below)Download and Run the installer downloaded from On the Welcome to TeamViewer page be sure to check the "Show advanced settings" check box (outlined in red at bottom left in picture), then cl…