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IMHO the best way - How to configure a dedicated server running Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) with KVM virtualisation to work inside a 1and1 (1 and 1, one and one) hosting environment

When I first purchased a 1and1 medium dedicated server package I chose to image install Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS on it and setup KVM/QEMU virtualization with libvirt; little did I know I was going to run into a major road block.

The typical way for virtualization hypervisors to share the physical network card is through a network tap or macvtap and this allows the host server's virtualised clients to utilise their own virtualized NIC (network interface card) potentially through hardware support.  However in the 1and1 environment due to security reasons the host is restricted to network traffic leaving the host only able to utilise just the one already known (to 1and1) layer 2 MAC address that is the physical MAC address of your dedicated servers NIC hardware.

If you configure the default bridging and startup a virtual client your server will attempt to send traffic out with a "spoofed" mac address (according to 1and1) and this will be discarded and the server automatically…