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Installing Hamachi (free edition) on SBS 2003 Server as a service

Hamachi is a free VPN networking tool that enables easy creation of VPN's without having to worry about having static IP addresses or understanding VPN technologies very much.

You can download it for free from here:

While the product is free it comes for free with a number of limitations one of which is it can't be installed as a service unless you pay for a premium subscription.

However with the aid of the Windows Resource kit for your platform you should be able to follow this procedure to get it running as a service. The following tutorial will show you how to configure Hamachi to run and automatically connect in Windows 2000, XP, and 2003.
To install Hamachi, simply download and run the install file from the Hamachi website. I recommend installing Hamachi in the default folder and not having it run automatically, especially if you would like to have it run as a service, like I describe below. Afte…

Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard Overview [Updated Aug 2019]

THIN MINI-ITX Primarily Thin Mini-ITX motherboards are targeted at embedded systems, digital signage and the like as well as the business All-in-One market.  They typically have LVD/eDP/LCD panel drivers built in also and have slightly higher pricing because of this and other features. BACKGROUND The Intel Q series motherboard chipsets support the Intel vPro/AMT remote management with KVM over IP (or iKVM) functionality built into the CPU/chipset combination.  Which is very nice.  You can watch a full reboot and manage the BIOS, install a new OS all remotely. CASE Cases can be got on Amazon from the USA as they were cheaper around $85(inc shipping) than local, and are Silverstone PT13 with a Silverstone Nitrogen Series NT07-115X cooler.…